Waste + Skeleton, Poems for dVersepoets.com

(Picture inspiration by James Rainsford – off dVeresepoets.com)

Waste by Karen Maeby Bates

thoughts. words. thoughts. words.
so many of these – every day – spoken
processed and heard

many thoughts go in and out like they please,
some, just stick around like a disease
the words – they may hurt us, fix us or complete us.

at one point,
a lot of what we know becomes trash
– so much builds up over our lifetime –
so, where does it all go?

to waste.

overflowing thoughts, like overflowing basket of waste
you could recycle, but do you want to do that with your life long thoughts?

forgetfulness – is just the pact within yourself
telling you, you have too much waste inside your mind.

empty it out. provide new. move on from the past, never forget, live the future.
regrets. thinking about the same thing. doing the same thing.
only maybe once in a while, something new
something refreshing and something life-changing

contribute to the overflowing waste,
that is what you do.


(picture inspiration by James Rainsford – off dVeresepoets.com)

Skeleton by Karen Maeby Bates

once projected with a soft skinned body, mind, spirit and personality
now a hard-metal shell

work like a machine, move like a machine
do nothing more – everything machine.

intelligent to a point of only doing what it is supposed to –
never thinking outside of the box,
never thinking of new ideas
only allowed to do what it is programmed.

half of this world
gets by like that, needing the oil – needing the fuel –
to get your days started right
not moving fast enough or doing well enough
always doing a million things

hide under that pretend hard shell
you have no idea.
metal-brained and no good
soft skinned and less skilled
work, work, work

put on your thinking cap, never going beyond what you can do –
i miss the white-boned skeleton
who told a story by the smile he left,
dead. i wanted to hug him, once.

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