Gilmore Girls, A Year in the Life: Winter {pre-thoughts & write up w/spoilers}

The extreme deep-souled dedication from the fans following this show all of these years have paid off. The anticipation and long wait has finally come to an end. TODAY our thirst is finally being quenched because the special release day on Netflix for Gilmore Girls has arrived. Hallelujah! 

Gilmore Girls came out when I was a freshman in high school. Sixteen years ago. And, oh holy crap, that makes me feel really old now. I still remember coming home and turning the TV on at 4pm to watch on the CW. I instantly fell in love with the series. Stars Hollow became a part of my life–just like all of the other fans. I often dreamt about meeting characters like those in the show (and honestly, I still dream of that). I, like many, just couldn’t stand how it ended. I was devastated. It wasn’t enough. I have watched the series over and over and over and over again throughout the years….hoping that something, by some miracle, there would be a conclusion or a new beginning for the series. 

In 2015, I watched the Gilmore Girls panel at ATX on YouTube, and could barely contain myself. When I watched them talk about the show, I said to myself, “I hope that I can write a successful series like this or be in one just simply for the tight-knit cast and dedicated fans.” It’s just so inspirational. The stories of how each person got the role of their characters were all meant to be stories… it’s so awesome. When Hep Alien played the theme song, I will admit, there were tears in my eyes…that’s how deep this show goes. 

I adored the writing of Gilmore Girls so much because of the constant pop culture references and there’s so much symbolism in their every day life. And, the characters are so, so real….although they’re hard to find in real life. But, they’re real. 

Amy Sherman-Palladino is certainly my homegirl. I love that she decided to write A Year in the Life to give us fans something to look forward to… Gilmore Girls is one of the most brilliant shows ever written, and I’m looking forward to the other 3 episodes of this 4 season episodes. 


  • The opening of Winter begins with voice clips from the previous seasons. You can hear the grandfather’s voice as well (which is heart-breaking since he’s passed on in real life).
  • A few lines in “it feels like it’s been years” — yep. Yep, it sure has.
  • Kirk is still on his business kick. He now started ooober (like, Uber, but spelled differently).
  • Rory wrote an article for the New Yorker and it’s in the menu at Luke’s. She’s also working on a book deal.
  • “I smell snow.” Lorelei’s famous words. (Of COURSE, it has to start like this! I mean, what?!)
  • You see that years later Lorelei still has her same jeep and they’re living in her house.
  • Hallelujah for the scene where Luke is in her kitchen. She is still with him! Yes!
  • Luke and Lorelei are thinking about kids again.
  • I really, truly, 1000% do not understand the whole Rory’s boyfriend Paul. There has to be a reason for this.
  • As soon as they mention Rory and London, I knew she was somehow still with Logan. Which… I’m a Logan and Rory kind of gal, but I don’t like this whole ‘Vegas’ thing they’ve got going on. Is Rory really that kind of girl?
  • I absolutely love Luke’s new sign about cell phones. No taking photos of food. Bwahahahahah. That’s a hit on Instagram!
  • Luke is giving out random passwords to the wifi he is clearly not going to share.
  • There’s a mention of Twitter.
  • They go back a few months to the grandfather’s funeral, and you see the reactions of all of them. Then, the really large wall-sized photo of him. Which, in a way, is kind of frightening.
  • Paris is kicking ass as a fertility specialist. She was somewhere between law and medical, and still bossy.
  • For once it seems after Taylor yelled at someone in Luke’s about her not being able to get the wifi, Luke decides to side with Taylor on his next discussion of the sewer system in Stars Hollow. (Doesn’t Lorelei mention something about this in that one episode where her parents came to town and she’s trying to down it so they won’t move there???) 
  • There’s mention of Doyle from Paris that they are having issues, and they have kids.
  • Lane seems to still be Lane and Zach has been promoted to somewhere wearing a tie.
  • It’s odd that all of the band is still living in the same house together. Still. Years later. (Or so it seems.)
  • Towards the end you’ll see where a new troubadour was singing on the original town’s troubadour’s corner and he runs her off. Reminders of an earlier episode where they all have a town meeting over this.
  • It feels like no matter it’s been “YEARS” since the last episode, it seems nothing has changed.
  • Last, but not least, in a way I am happy on how Amy wrote that Rory–who is incredibly smart and well-read–is a typical millennial: no designated place to live (I have to mention that it’s strange she sent boxes to several people’s houses that she’s crashing at), no real dedicated job, the act of feeling lost in life. It’s all real. And you know what? I think it’s brilliant because so many teens and 20-30-somethings will relate, if not now, later. And… depending on what Amy does with the Rory character, it could be great inspiration and give future millennials hope that things’ll turn out okay.

I am going to be watching SPRING very soon… so stay tuned for my write-up!

A trip to Fort Myers for the boat show and a little exploring.

It’s been months since I’ve went out of town and traveled somewhere south, so I am happy I got to go to this show, especially since I missed it last year. The Fort Myers Boat Show has now moved to being one of my favorite shows on a medium capacity. It might actually be my favorite over Tampa or Sarasota. Anyway… since I do have a blog dedicated to boat shows, I’ll keep it short on this one.


The show is very cluttered, as in boats and product were literally on top of one another with not much space in between, but it works for them. And that’s what is so awesome about the show. It has a different laid back feeling than most of them do. I don’t really know what it is. If I knew what it was, I’d share it.

I love how they decorated for Christmas. They had big red bows on a lot of the boats on the inside, and a Christmas tree from one of the product vendors.



Inside The Harbourside Event Center


It looks like someone’s kid kept watching Frozen over and over again, so much that their parents had to name the boat Let It Go… in hopes their kid would let it go! Ha!




If you’re interested in reading more from me about the show, give it a day or so and check my website.


Sooooo… this beaut was hanging in the Harbourside. Instant love. The architecture in this building was amazing, so were the old doors and walls and overall design.


Outside in the park, lots of metal art:


As I was walking to the entrance of the boat show, I passed this place. I almost fell over. LOOK HOW OLD IT LOOKS. AMAAAAAAAZING. So amazing that I had to go in it before I left. It’s called “ARCADE – Florida Repertory Theatre.”


And, it was amazing. The smell when I opened the doors… I can’t tell you. It smelt like the past. It smelled like somewhere I’ve been before, but it couldn’t have been there, it was my first time even knowing about it. So this place had several shops on the right side all the way back and then the theatre was on the left.


There’s an art store called ART for ACT Gallery and that’s where I took this photo. I am so in love with this store. There was art of every single kind set up in a vintage-gallery-boutique-store. You MUST go and see it! Such an amazing place. And, I really really really really really want this kind of a vanity set up when I have the room.


On the way back out, I snuck this photo of the theatre where you buy tickets:


Turns out, I was right about the old. According to this article, it was originally built in 1917 to show moving pictures and silent films then later vaudeville & local acts, magic tricks, and the like. CAN I EXPRESS HOW AWESOME THIS IS?! Yeah. It’s pretty awesome. I felt it. I felt the history….right down to my bones.

And that’s a wrap, kids. Until next time.

The Man With the Shoes {poetry} by Karen Maeby

The Man With the Shoes 
by Karen Maeby 11.17.16

He walks
across the stage and stops.
The crowd hushes as he speaks his first line.

He’s giving a deliverance speech—
some sort of declaration…
A story you’d never heard before.

Something like a secret—
something no one will ever hear again.
The audience is hanging on to every single word.

An applause-worthy performance.
He’s giving it everything he’s got,
because he pinky swore to do so.

A mind that never stops,
and won’t ever stop.
He’ll find—soon enough—his imagination is his opus.

A mind full of shenanigans, humor, life stories,
and love.
He is the one that everyone loves.

Suddenly, the stage goes dark
and his personality keeps him glowing.
Jazz begins to play.

He delivers the last line as confident as ever.
He takes a bow and walks off stage,
and the clapping of the audience echoes.

How is it to walk in his shoes?
A writer and actor’s shoes—
a soul so talented, so full of life.

Special—is he—the man with the shoes,
who walked in to my life
without warning, accidentally, kismet.

I bid farewell to Over the River and Through the Woods.

Last night we closed out Over the River and Through the Woods at the Catherine Hickman Theater. This is the first play that the Gulfport Players put on for this season. I wasn’t in it, but I helped backstage, so that’s what I’ve been doing for the last few weeks or so. Easy set and small cast, not anywhere close to the Summer One Acts (the first production I helped out with).

If you didn’t see the play, I will share an “almost spoiler” synopsis.

Basically, (the remaining) grandson Nick lives close enough that he sees all of his Italian grandparents every Sunday night for dinner. The play is based around news that Nick has to share about him getting a dream job offer—of which—will move him away from them. His grandparents try to keep him there by inviting Caitlin—a single woman—over to meet him, in hopes he’ll change his mind. In the end, he leaves anyway, and he eventually has what his grandparents call a great life. However, he did it his way, instead of their way, and all of the feels never escape their extra warm, toasty house.

There were many funny moments, and some really sad moments. There’s a line in there that Caitlin says about the grandson being grown and being able to sit down at dinner with all of his grandparents. Like Caitlin, I have no grandparents left. I lost my last, best and most closest grandma when I was 16. Even though I’ve always been an old soul, and appreciated my time with her when I had it, I know that the memories I made then wouldn’t be the same ones I’d be making today if she were here. I’d see it from a different perspective. I’d learn things. I’d have history. I’d have a role model. I’d have so much. There would still be a staple in my family, something that ties everyone together, like it had been before everyone grew up and went their separate way miles apart.

Over the River is just such a great play to put on these days due to the message that lays between the surface. Say, it’s like this — your great or grandparents (before Generation X) might have had their spouses chosen for them and they had to learn to love what they had, instead of who they individually loved and wanted to choose. Depending on how Generation X grew up, it could be they followed their parents footsteps or it began then that they made their own life. And the generations after that (Millennials) we have a totally different take on life—which is where the Nick lands.

There’s a huge understanding that through each generation, the one before wants the next one to have an easier and better life than they ever had. Maybe they didn’t understand at the time what was going on and why, but they later realize. Not only that, but they had what they had in life and that was it. No expectations. If they had a car, home, family—they were doing good—dreams were too far to reach… it seemed.

I moved away from home. I’m still miles away from my parents, who live in the same state they’ve lived in (almost) their entire life. Their happiness is not my happiness and vice versa. Over the River helped me understand where they came from, but it’s that whole part of things change. And some people are so scared of change. I’ll admit, I’m scared of when things stay the same for too long. I fear life becoming so boring and stale when life is so short as it is and there’s an entire world to explore in such a short time. I do wish I could see my parents more than once a year, especially when there’s a grand-crab involved, and a chance for them to see the life I have built for myself.

My favorite scene of the entire play was where the grandparents are playing a trivial game with Nick. The way it came together was genius. The heart wrenching scene is when one of the grandpa’s chose not to let his grandson know his news, so that he could accept his job opportunity, and not have anything holding him back from ‘doing the right thing.’

When the show was over, we tore everything down, packed it up, and we took it back to the Backdoor Theater…. then headed to the cast party where they had Italian food. Just without the crumb cake (a food that was mentioned during act I).

As my souvenir I took a mass card (one of the props that was used several times throughout the show) and the cast/crew were given the comedy/tragedy mask pin. I also believe that those of us who have it MUST wear it to every show in the future for good luck. I’m superstitious now, especially since the director said something about it too!

I want to say a huge THANK YOU to those who came and supported the show! Especially all of the theatre family — it was like a family reunion between running into each other in the lobby and at the new auditions!

I bid thee farewell to a great cast and show. Now, it’s time for the next one — Parfumerie, of which, one of my favorite movies You’ve Got Mail is based up on.

Table read of six
at the Backdoor Theater:
Over the River & Through the Woods


When the words being spoken
by the characters
hit too close to home.

9.12.16  ~ Karen Maeby

Eisenhower’s politics.

Imagine you are a tiny little crab named Eisenhower that is molting for maybe the second or third time in your small life. Not only do you have to rely on your natural instincts to get you through (“what nature intended on your species to do”), but you have to rely on a human to take care of you since you are a pet (“what your life has become”). You have to put trust in that human to give you food, take care of your aquarium, clean it out, and make sure you are comfortable enough to live. You are one of the most tiniest creatures on the planet, and next to a human finger, it can be a scary sight. You might be incredibly smart, but are very aware, and frightened at the slightest move considering your position on this planet. 

In perspective–we, as humans, are still as tiny as my baby crabby Eisenhower. There’s the entire atmosphere. There’s the planets. There’s the stars in the gigantic night sky. There’s the sun. There’s animals bigger than us. Most of our buildings are bigger than us. Our house is bigger than us. Life is bigger than us. 

But–we get up every day just like nature intended on us doing. We take care of ourselves. We take care of our family, our pets. We go to work, go to activities, live our dreams, go on vacations. Life goes on, and will go on.

Live life like you are the tallest person on this planet. 

Say it out loud: I will live my life like I am the tallest person on this planet. Why? So that I do not feel that sense of fear of what I cannot predict. No one knows what happens next. No one knows anything. You just have to keep on living until you expire when nature intended you to.

If your heart is controlled by fear, it is completely misunderstood and mistaken for something other than love. And love, LOVE is what we all need right now. 

Fear lives in the tabloids, in the media. People lust over fear as much as they love negativity, complaining or gossiping. Please, please, please do not fall into that category. Always, always be aware of the truth. Please educate yourself. Please dig as deep as possible to find the answers. Do not become a part of the herd. Be the leader. Be the wise one. Be smart.

“Only guard yourself and guard your soul carefully, lest you forget the things your eyes saw, and lest these things depart your heart all the days of your life. Andy shall make them known to your children, and to your children’s children.” DEUTERONOMY 4:9 

When I named Eisenhower, I was looking for something distinguished enough, so that he fears nothing despite his size. So that he grows up being strong-willed. So that he has a better life than some of the crabs do. So that he can live, and live without fear. I can attest that his life is really good, and he has zero patience for politics.