Last updated 9/11/18. 

Aloha! I’m Karen Maeby: the 32 year old eccentric writer with a Pirate-Gypsy soul that lives in the Tampa Bay area with my hermit crab sidekick, Sir Eisenhower “Houdini” Crabapple. Right now: I work in the Marine Industry, play the role of a serial volunteer at my theatre, pour my heart out in the writer’s group that I host and enrich my soul with Judaism. I have a restless mind that never wants to stop learning, therefore, I am always interested in everything and I can’t stand it when my schedule is not jam-packed. If I go missing (and that does happen for months at a time), it just means that I’m fully involved in whatever I am doing.

What will you find here? 

First and foremost, I was getting a lot of heat about reigning in my focus… and here I am, focusing: Overall, I am a writer. I have always been (so it seems) and I will always be. I have been and will be writing on so many different subjects (including my personal life experiences), as well as sharing a little bit of art, design, marketing, photography, social media among many other things on this blog.

Project Blog Names to Note:

Boat Show Girl – writing dedicated to the marine industry

Pitchmen Enthusiast – an almost retired blog name where I used to write about business

and will be soon coming up with a name for my Jewish blog so that everyone can follow my journey towards Judaism.

These are a few of my favorite things…. podcasts, all things crime (dateline, podcasts, ID), celebrations, performing arts, all animals, colored flashy lights, everything banana + pumpkin spice, pirate/skull things, Betsey Johnson, The Office, Golden Girls, I Love Lucy, Laura Diamond (fictional tv show detective), beer cheese, symbolism / metaphors, reading (when there’s time), boat shows, weird music, apple/mac, green tea, coffee, wishing on 11:11 & 12:34, putting on shows, Shabbat…. and so much more!