Last updated 7/23/18. 

Aloha! I’m Karen Maeby, the (almost) 32 year old eccentric poet with a Pirate-Gypsy soul that lives in the Tampa Bay area with my hermit crab Sir Eisenhower “Houdini” Crabapple. I work multiple jobs doing different things because I have a restless mind that never wants to stop learning and I can’t stand it when my schedule is not jam-packed.

If I go missing (and yes, it happens for months at a time) it’s usually because I am working at the theatre. I also host a writer’s group and I often go on writing binges when I am inspired. I have a million interests that include all things creative all the way to business and back around to anything nerdy and sarcastic. One of my other projects is being BoatShowGirl in the boating industry.

I am completely in love with Judaism after having watched the first candle of Hanukah being lit last year. It was like… my soul was lit with life. 2018 has been a major life changing year due to the coincidences of finding Judaism. I am hoping to share a whole lot more of my journey towards conversion.

“Yes I am a Pirate. 200 Years too late.” – Jimmy Buffett