Eisenhower’s politics.

Imagine you are a tiny little crab named Eisenhower that is molting for maybe the second or third time in your small life. Not only do you have to rely on your natural instincts to get you through (“what nature intended on your species to do”), but you have to rely on a human to take care of you since you are a pet (“what your life has become”). You have to put trust in that human to give you food, take care of your aquarium, clean it out, and make sure you are comfortable enough to live. You are one of the most tiniest creatures on the planet, and next to a human finger, it can be a scary sight. You might be incredibly smart, but are very aware, and frightened at the slightest move considering your position on this planet. 

In perspective–we, as humans, are still as tiny as my baby crabby Eisenhower. There’s the entire atmosphere. There’s the planets. There’s the stars in the gigantic night sky. There’s the sun. There’s animals bigger than us. Most of our buildings are bigger than us. Our house is bigger than us. Life is bigger than us. 

But–we get up every day just like nature intended on us doing. We take care of ourselves. We take care of our family, our pets. We go to work, go to activities, live our dreams, go on vacations. Life goes on, and will go on.

Live life like you are the tallest person on this planet. 

Say it out loud: I will live my life like I am the tallest person on this planet. Why? So that I do not feel that sense of fear of what I cannot predict. No one knows what happens next. No one knows anything. You just have to keep on living until you expire when nature intended you to.

If your heart is controlled by fear, it is completely misunderstood and mistaken for something other than love. And love, LOVE is what we all need right now. 

Fear lives in the tabloids, in the media. People lust over fear as much as they love negativity, complaining or gossiping. Please, please, please do not fall into that category. Always, always be aware of the truth. Please educate yourself. Please dig as deep as possible to find the answers. Do not become a part of the herd. Be the leader. Be the wise one. Be smart.

“Only guard yourself and guard your soul carefully, lest you forget the things your eyes saw, and lest these things depart your heart all the days of your life. Andy shall make them known to your children, and to your children’s children.” DEUTERONOMY 4:9 

When I named Eisenhower, I was looking for something distinguished enough, so that he fears nothing despite his size. So that he grows up being strong-willed. So that he has a better life than some of the crabs do. So that he can live, and live without fear. I can attest that his life is really good, and he has zero patience for politics. 

Part Two: Gaining buyers in this industry. [edited]

In the past year or two, there have been so many articles about who we should—as an industry
—be reaching out to as far as target buyers go. We’ve been targeting my group, the Millennials,
as if we are going to be a huge buyer in the next couple of years. Let’s face reality—we’re not
going to be.

Unfortunately—due to the excessive debts from college, other life happenstances such as
lower/same wages vs. rising cost of living, healthcare, and such—99% of Millennials don’t and
won’t have the extra income to spend on very much, let alone a boat.

So, who do we target?

Right now, the Baby Boomers are the ones buying because they have the extra funds and the
time to go boating to enjoy their investment. Generation X is right next to them, and I believe
they should be the target over Millennials for the next few years. Generation X, as a whole, is
probably the last generation that’ll be able to splurge on large recreational purchases for a
while, considering most of them should already have set up a plan for their future—through their
work or other means—that will allow them to spend, live comfortably, and save.

So, what happens next?

If we want to talk about Millennials, they are familiar with and use Uber & Lyft (taxi alternative),
AirBnB (hotel alternative), and other companies that offer a particular service for less. As a
Millennial, I believe [my] generation relies on the renter’s market. We are renting houses or
apartments, vehicles and other objects a lot more than we are buying. While attending boat
shows, I have seen more and more boat renting companies or clubs popping up, and I’ve
overheard some say that they’d rather rent a boat for the day instead of purchasing one due to
the expense of upkeep.

If you don’t want to rent, don’t just sell the boat—sell the entire experience.

If consumers really want a boat, they will find a way to be able to afford it. But, it’s not entirely up
to them… It’s up to businesses in this industry to help, especially when they don’t even know
where to start. A good example of this would be if a customer walks in with an idea of what they
are looking for, talk to several companies about financing options and what they will get with the
boat, then find out that they can’t purchase what they originally wanted. If they’re disappointed,
they’re indirectly looking for the seller to console them and turn their situation around.

I believe that the key to succeeding in the future will be to study the past and see what worked
well. To me, face to face time, conversation, building a relationship—those are the keys to
winning customers and friends for life. Let them come to trust you, your employees, and your

Give the buyer an experience of a lifetime. Spend time with them. Take your future customers
out on the water for a sea-trial, find out something about them and connect. People yearn to
have stories to share, and boating is exactly for that. It is an experience that only a small portion
get to have. The buyer needs a reason to become a buyer.

If they truly can’t afford to purchase a boat, set up some sort of program with a boating club or
rental company so both of you could gain a customer. Not only does it help your company, but it
helps the rental company or club thrive as well. Sometimes an experience is worth a whole lot
more than owning something. Plus, you can always introduce them to be, live and support the
lifestyle by hiring them to work it.

Part One: The state of the Marine Industry work force. [edited]

There’s a huge thought that’s been on my mind the last few months, and after visiting IBEX, I
feel as if I need to address it. Should our main focus really be on millennials for the workforce in
our industry? I am a millennial (30 years old) and I believe we are targeting the wrong group to
fulfill our employment gap.

The millennials age group is 20-36. Most of the older millennials already have college under
their belt, a career and a family. If the younger millennials are in college for a specific career,
would it be reasonable for them to switch their major and school at that point, especially if they
are going into major debt to gain that degree?

That’s why I believe that we need to focus on Generation Z, the ones who are currently
attending Pre-K through High School (with the focus on high schoolers, obviously). All marine
companies need to get in touch with high schools and find a way to target those teens all the
way up to career and graduation day. I have read articles on industry websites where some
companies are already taking the initiative to do this very thing.

Dealerships who sell to families with kids and teens need to find some way to get them more
involved in boating (activities throughout the year), so there’s a possible interest of those
wanting to be in the industry. Not only that, but when the money is earned to make a big
purchase, they will want to spend it with you. I realize this is easier said than done, because it’s
already becoming really hard to get anyone to look away from their electronics these days, let
alone enjoy a day without it.

That’s why I feel that we need to go back to the basics of this industry—it’s all about the
experience. If provided an experience of a lifetime—with or without technology—there’s a sure
bet they’ll be hooked, and for life. Teach them to be the lifestyle.

So what about the millennials? They’ll be used for their current skills—filling roles as
administrative, general employees, marketing, sales or higher up management. However, noting
that it should never be discouraged if they wanted to become skilled technicians or something
where they would need certificates and technical training.

As an industry, we really need to reach out to the Baby Boomers and Generation X before they
retire. They are the ones who hold the most skills and knowledge. We need a program that
allows them to earn money (or some other deal) in exchange for teaching and mentoring the
new employees. For example, we could send a few master skilled techs to cover several areas
of a state to hold one-on-one private sessions, a class or a week’s long program for all younger
techs at the service departments in their assigned area. If the business has been around for
many years—there is a secret—and the key to our future lies in the wisdom of the past.

In addition, our industry would benefit greatly from those who are interested in environmental
and marine studies that keeps the water clean, the ocean animals safe, and to help the world
become more environmental friendly. It should be encouraged to partner up with students or
teachers in these roles to spread the education of fuel issues, safe fishing/boating and anything
marine related that gets looked at by the legislation.

Last but not least, I truly believe that our industry’s employment gap will be bridged if we start
getting attention from the youngest generation right from the start. Once we do that, everything
else will follow.

The moment when Bass Pro Shops buys Cabela’s.

In the last week or two, it was released to the world that Bass Pro Shops is buying Cabela’s.

As soon as I heard this news I was like, “UH OH. This can’t be good.” Was I the only one that thought that way?

The second thing that popped in my mind was, “There goes someone’s mom&pop start up dream.” But then again, both of these stores are now corporate–once they become that–it’s a whole other game. You no longer are that one store in one location and it’s fair game from there on.

I’m reading around several articles that nothing will change–at least at the beginning and both stores will remain both stores–but we all know that once all of this kicks in there will be changes. There will always be changes at that point.

Should we, as an industry, start comparing the non-dealership retail stores to clothing retail stores? When you add the other places like Dick’s Sporting Goods, Field & Stream, Bass Pro Shops and Cabela’s — Could you see them fighting like JC Penny’s or Sears or even Macy’s? If you follow retail news, you saw what has happened so far and is currently happening with those shops right now. Majority of them are taking a huge hit and are closing. Their traditional methods of getting people in the door are too stale, and aren’t changing much, and when they do change, the people aren’t responsive. I already see that the future in the retail world is going to be in trouble as we already have so many different corporate stores that are exactly the same and there are so many within small distances of each other (grocery stores, drug stores, clothing stores). By looking around, each state has a certain number of sporting goods stores, including West Marine.

I really think it goes back to… the way a store targets their market to keep their customer’s attention, who the competition is, and how they are serving their customers differently than the other companies. When new–it is easy to get someone’s attention to try your product if there’s something in it for them. You can entice them to keep trying your brand. However, it’s extremely hard to get them to switch over to yours if they have had a trusted brand they’ve relied on for years.

know that the set up is differently for both Bass Pro Shops & Cabela’s, but if you don’t know the shops individually, you would probably think both of the stores are the same anyway. So maybe this was eventually going to happen, especially if their target market is basically the same and their mission statements go hand in hand? I’ve read some people prefer Bass Pro over Cabela’s, so that’ll be interesting to see what happens in the future. With those customers and with the shop sales overall.

I’m Alice & I just fell down the rabbit hole where there’s nothing but pumpkin spice.

Hello Everyone,


It’s been ages since I’ve written and that’s probably what my issue is. If I don’t write my feelings down when I need to, my brain becomes too full and I get to feeling a little crazy. I’ve boxed myself up yet once again — I’m sitting pretty close to falling deep into a depression, it’s such a shame… after a mind-blowing summer of nothing but excitement, new things, love, friends and finding where I belong. There are so many things that contribute to that, mostly when the major staples in my life stay the same for so long, and never change, or I’m disappointed by something that means a whole lot to me. I keep forgetting about that whole ‘expect nothing, no disappointments’ comment that I was once taught.

I am old enough to know that not everything is going to be amazing all the time. I wouldn’t want it to be, but it’s just awful feeling this way….because it’s a whole other level of sad.

Whenever I get like this all of my projects are mentally put on hold. I do the simple things that I don’t have to think about, I don’t write because I don’t want to ruin it with my mood, but sometimes I pick up a brush to paint or do some sort of design. I haven’t put my energy into that…yet. I also pull away from everyone and stay at a distance because I’m often thinking “well, I’m not sure they really want me around” or “am I bothering them? — I probably am, so I’ll just stay away.” Being alone comes naturally since I’m an only child, and for a year and half I did nothing but work two jobs so seeing or speaking to no one for a long time isn’t anything new. I am trying to work on changing this because it’s incredibly crippling and makes everything in my life just that much harder…especially when there’s a thousand things I want to do, accomplish, and need to be social in order to really accomplish them.

A lot also has to do with the weather. Since hurricane Matthew, it’s been kind of crappy and the sun hadn’t shined as much as it should be in this sunshine state! The reason I even live in Florida is because of the sunshine. Anything else reminds me of my seasonal disorder — especially stormy skies when it doesn’t rain that look like snow clouds — that’s the worst. 

By the way, I am safe. It did not hit in my area the west coast of Florida (fingers crossed that another won’t come by any time soon).


It’s my favorite season right now: pumpkin spice. There’s P/S everything everywhere at almost any given time. Last night I had the sweet taste of P/S coffee from WaWa. If I could write a poem about how delicious it was, you would not think it was about coffee. 😉

I love the anticipation of the rest of the year. You see mixtures of Christmas in with the Halloween decorations where, literally, a skeleton is holding a carved turkey in one hand and a wreath in another with a Christmas tree and presents decorated right behind him. I’m already getting yelled at by thousands of people who hear me say “I want to listen to CHRISTMAS MUSIC and put up my tree.” They find a box, try to coax me inside, so that they could duct tape it shut and send me somewhere else. I never can see where they’re sending me though?! 


We’ve arrived at an event, and I step a few steps to the side because I know what’s coming next. Everyone is just so excited to see him so they huddle around trying to hug him or greet him with a handshake. The first few times I had seen this I watched from the back of the room–when that door opened and he walked in, the Seas of People would follow.  Amazing. That’s the only word it is. 

If only I could be one tenth as amazing as he is, I’d be something. He’s taught me more in the last few months than I’ve gained in a really long time. I’m trying to be a better person. I’m trying to keep to his words: if you’re going to do something, do it well the first time. Every day it is important to finish a task that’s needing to be done. Every day needs tea at night. Dishes that you use that day need to be cleaned. And he’s given me a gift of jazz that goes deeper than the music. 

It’s such a relief that I know I don’t have to worry about anything with this beautiful soul. I admire him to the moon and back. There’s just so much to say, and it’s still been such a short period of time.   


Some time in September, I helped with auditions at the Backdoor Theatre. That play will be produced in November.

We went to see B’s band play at my newest favorite place to go (Hideaway Cafe) and that was amazing!

We attended the film society meeting where they switched over to a new name — a new beginning — and it was amazing that my first meeting was that. It was a sign of a start of me getting involved in that too.

A few weekends back we were invited to be extras in a movie (something from the film society). I am now on IMDB. Small steps!

Our big boat show was back in September and it went really well. I reported “live” on Saturday to the World of Boating radio show.

IBEX was Tuesday last week and for me, for BoatShowGirl, it went pretty well. I’m thinking that this is my brand new start… just need to make a plan. Can’t do anything without one.

We had the Backdoor Theatre’s open house on Friday — which was always so great to be back and visiting with everyone. It’s like a family reunion.

Yesterday we went to see J star in The Red Velvet Cake Wars and it was good seeing her again too!

I feel like this isn’t everything but it’s something! 

Oh. My hair is red again (faded past 3 weeks, but red). Yes, believe it or not, this is an event.


A while ago, I finished two plays but I’m “working on ideas” for a few more. I need to have at least two excellent ones to submit to Gulfport because it would be such an honor to see one of my plays produced on stage, especially a year after getting back into it after 12 years absence. Wish me luck for that!

I redid my entire living room so now I have working space again to be able to work off my computers and write. I’m trying to prepare for the yard sale that’s coming up in Gulfport in November.

BoatShowGirl – after a much needed break, and talking to some important folks at IBEX, I think I may know which route to go with this and hopefully it will get me somewhere.

I’m debating whether or not to do NaNoWriMo next month considering I already have little time as it is…The need to write 50,000 words would make me stop everything basically to be able to do it! (The only NaNo novel I finished in 2010 still sits on the computer untouched. And it’s a 3 part series I have no interest in working on at the moment.) 

I’m working slOoOOoooOooowly on some of my new books that I want to finish and publish sooner rather than later. I haven’t really had the chance to sit down and concentrate but I am working on several of them.

Before I stopped taking photos the last year or so, I was a photo hoarder. I think I have over 20,000 photos and I have gone through so many lately I’m sure I’ve deleted 5,000 or more. It’s exhausting and takes a looooong time!

Well, I know for a fact that’s not everything but I need to wrap it up eventually! Until next time….

Love Always,
Karen Maeby

Day One of IBEX – BoatShowGirl shows up incognito!


Two years ago in 2014, I went to my first IBEX Show. I was at a different point in my life and career, so I was just taking in everything (just like I would an ordinary boat show). This year, I had an agenda, and I fulfilled it to a certain point.

Some pointers as to what happened….

  • Met the Boating Industry folks!
  • Talked to several different professionals who are with companies that might be able to help me in the future, and each one of them gave me great advice, great ideas, etc…
  • Randomly ran into two old friends and ended up walking around with them for a while.
  • Got to see a 3D printer live in action.
  • Met up with my Canadian friend later on and walked with him/his dad.


Once again, this experience was much different than 2 years ago. I will confess as I walked in the door, I was intimidated by the professionals I was surrounded by. If I’m defined by my work, I’m just an administrative assistant (with her hands in every single department) so I really didn’t belong there next to those who run departments, businesses and the like, however, everyone knows how much I want to be something in this industry so I am making my presence known.


Every single show I go to, I have to get a photo of quads. BOW DOWN TO THE POWER.


I was on a boat. *_*


The goods I brought back from IBEX 2016.

Favorite freebee item / gift: 3D prototype that was given to me (I’ll love that thing forever. It opens up & holds something small.) 

Second Favorite freebee: a flashlight pen by Starweather & Shepley.

Favorite product: 3D Printer

Favorite moment: walking up to ABBRA & seeing their booth where people who visited filled out a little tag with their name / company / something about the industry

Favorite “Fan Girl” moment: meeting the people behind the Boating Industry magazine. (Yes, I’m a serious industry nerd.) 

And, so far, that’s it. In the next few days, I’m going to write up some articles regarding today and I’ll post as soon as I am done!

– Karen Maeby

Things I should have said.

I’m no stranger to death, I think that’s why my life’s calm is right there in the middle of being at the ocean and hanging out in the graveyard amongst all the spirits. It kind of gets lonely and becomes an “emotional distraught” world when you’re a growing kid/teen and you lose all of the family ma/pa-triarchs at that age. You’re too young to remember, but old enough to recognize that there’s a large empty space in your life. 

This is coming from this week’s visit back to Kentucky where we went to our farm yesterday. My Great Aunt Ada was the keeper of the home, and she just recently passed away in April. This is the first time I have been back to the farm since she passed away.

I walked into the main living room where everyone usually sits and talks and I saw her in the chair where I last said goodbye that previous November. I sat across her in this proper chair working on cutting out one of her chandeliers (that I took a photo of several years ago) for my “illusions” book cover. (I have a feeling it was because of her spirit that it turned out exactly how I imagined it in my head.) 

The bottom line of this whole entry: I’m having a really hard time dealing with her death. For months, I had been meaning to let her read a poem that I wrote about the solitude of being at her place. For many months, I was wanting to write to her and tell her how much she means to me and what spending time at her house meant (deeper than just a place to go, it brought the words out in me and made me a deeper writer than I’ve ever imagined).

The poem I wrote about her place ended up in Gulfport’s first collaboration book for those who wanted to be the first GP Poet Laureate. Not more than a few hours later of the same day I found out about her death at work, I got an email from the guy who was chosen for the poet laureate and that poem was his favorite. Coincidental? 

I don’t think I ever told her how much I appreciated her and the moments spent at her beautiful house, I might have when I was younger, but I should have said it every time… My family says she knew, but it’s not the same validation as to hearing a response or a reaction. Since I lost all of my grandparents and other older members of my family, she was the one I grew up the most knowing. But yet, I now feel that didn’t really know her, and I wish I knew more. I always thought of Ada as like the fairy god mother who would live longer than the rest of us. But alas.

“There’s a truth to the sadness
 in the air I breathe today, when I found out the news.” 

Other than my parents, the rest of my family on that side has no idea how much I love her property and would do anything to save it if it were ever any talk of it not being ours any more. It’s something I have to write, instead of talking about, because with [this whole thing] being still fresh on my mind and upsetting, I can’t say anything without being in the moment of a pile of emotion.

When we were talking yesterday, it sounded like they bought the property in 1977. That year is my favorite year for many reasons. I think it’s a sign. I would like to believe it was a sign. 

Something within me told me to walk upstairs to Aunt Ada’s room. I’m so glad I did because I found something so amazing when I was looking around…….



When I saw those, my soul smiled. I have a feeling that we both have a liking for 1920-ish ballroom dancing sort of proper things, and now, I wish I had talked to her about it. But then again, I wonder if I was just supposed to find those to interpret on my own for illusions, right where it’d fit in. 

Her house is a story that still needs to be written by me and maybe, just maybe, if I write it–it’ll come true. My favorite place in her house is the proper living room to the left of the front door and my favorite bedroom is the one directly above it upstairs. If you’ve known me a while, you’ve heard me speak of this place being historical (the Ben Johnson house). There’s so much history, there’s so much spirit, there’s so much everything tied into this one place in the middle of no where. I imagine tea parties, people dressed in ballroom gowns dancing into the night, bed and breakfast sort of thing, a place for weddings, a place where author’s getaway and write amazing stories, a retreat for drama, jazz playing from a record player, families gathered around the proper room listening to one of the first radios when their favorite show would come on. Even a few scenes from A Christmas Story would do. I would call it the Ben Johnson Henderson Playhouse, and it would serve so many purposes, even if it was just a home to our family. 

Yesterday was apparently National Book Day in the world, so it’s only appropriate to announce that I got a chance to take some of Aunt Ada’s books home with me. She has great taste! 🙂

image1 2

I really do miss her so much and I hope she really knew how much I loved her… 

The Solitude, The Place That Began It All

I hold in my heart, this place.
This place of which I casually dreamt, as I wrote and walked
among all of the trees
and many, many rooms of this house.

Poetry came so easily in the silence of being at this place.
Writing stories there was just as easy.

As I grew up coming up to this historical home,
My vintage Pirate Soul erupted in great divine!

I walked down the pathway to this great plantation house
a many a time.

I sometimes closed my eyes
to imagine all of the furniture swept away to the side to support
the many people in ballroom gowns during the day
and bedclothes’ parties at night.

I imagined everyone writing with feather pens.
I imagined people writing—penmanship,
something that is greatly lost between the keyboards today….

I imagined people on both porches talking about
whatever people talked about back then.

I imagined a place without a television
and people would carry on great casual conversations
without technology.

I imagined something that I will never get to experience,
but I bet for those who did…
it was great. For the time that it was.

When I later left the state of my birth and youth,
this will be the only place that I will miss…
for eternity.

– © Karen Maeby 

Ladies at the Helm

This morning I attended Thunder’s program, Ladies at the Helm, which is specifically designed for the ladies who have bought boats from us and need to know the basics and training on how boating works.

Our parts manager, who is also a boater, is the one who teaches the class. In this class he goes over the basics of the water – safety, what’s required on board, how being out on the water works, tying a simple docking knot and so on. Unfortunately, due to the water, we did not get to go out on the boat to practice driving and docking.

In all of my studying about the industry, this is one side of it that I have not really done. I didn’t ignore it on purpose, it was just not a top priority since I do not have a boat and haven’t gone out on the water for a really long time.

I do believe that everyone should be required to take a class like this before venturing out on the water, just in case, because you never know when you need that piece of information that you didn’t remember or never learned on your own or from someone else.

When I’m at the boat shows, I’m always picking up pamphlets of programs that teach boating. One of these days, I will be calling them, and attending these programs as well, and then teaching everyone how important it is to learn as much as you can and also help those who don’t have experience.

Safety first in this beautiful boating lifestyle.

My true start in the industry.

I feel that I need to write this entry so that people will know my back story of how I became so involved in the boating industry.

Yesterday I visited the new location of where TJSS will continue to do business, and I’ve never been happier to see where they landed.

The (shortened) story: My then boss and I started the company from ground up. Literally. September of 2011 I replied to an ad posted on Craigslist inquiring about a job to sell items on eBay. Since I had two years of selling professionally on eBay, I knew I’d be good for the position. So he hired me.

He would give me about 20 cards with information and I had to put it online along with my photos. Each week, we’d increase the amount put online. Let me tell you, learning jet ski parts was the death of me, but I somehow struggled through. Once [we] realized we were onto something, that’s when we started looking into opening a business.

When it was just me… I did the cleaning of parts, photography, typing/posting on eBay, customer contact (non-tech issues), beginning graphics and marketing. And, I designed the logo.

February of 2012 we found a retail spot and then added a few employees to help with the daily operation. We needed some more parts, so my boss looked into buying a large salvage lot from Thunder (where I work now). Side note: When I walked into Thunder Service, I just had this feeling that I’d be working there sometime in my lifetime, and I was right. 

The rest of that year we spent improving our daily tasks, upping our items on eBay and spiffing up text, customer service, processes and just making our new retail space the happening place.

In February of 2013, two of us went to the Miami Boat Show to take a look around and see what new products we could potentially sell at our business. This is the show that started my love for boat shows. I had an epiphany while there and that kept to me all that time. After that I attended show after show after show… even though I was disappointed after going to smaller shows after seeing Miami setup. I came back wanting to do something with our boating parts, but could never really figure it out.

2013 brought a lot of changes with new employees, direction and jobs. More things changed, improved, we seemed to have direction, and was building a reputable customer list and business contacts. It was getting busier and busier.

In the summer of 2013, I ended up leaving my full time position at TJSS to pursue my own dreams of opening my own business to do graphics/marketing for other companies. I did that for a while, as well as taking care of their graphics, and then we parted ways in early 2014.

I started to miss the marine industry pretty badly, so I called and talked to Thunder at the end of 2013 and early 2014. (Even though I knew of and researched so many companies, that was the company I wanted to work for.) I interviewed / talked to them a few times before something opened up at service, and May of 2014 I finally got hired in at what I call my dream company.

I learned A LOT and will always be thankful for every moment of TJSS. I found my love of the industry from there, I learned a lot of different skills (related and unrelated to the work), became experienced in a ton of things and found a love for start up businesses. And, even though I’m no longer there, I still have a family to support and wish all the best to especially with a brand new start at a brand new location that seems more appropriate for the business anyway.

World of Boating

About a month ago, I went on a search for boating podcasts/radio shows because I really desperately needed to fulfill my hunger for talking about boats while I was patiently waiting boat show season. That’s when I discovered World of Boating and fell in love.

After listening to several episodes, I had this moment and it was the same moment that I got when I’ve accomplished a dream or found something that really truly fits in with my life. All in about one month, both of those happened.

Their humor fit in with what I’m so used to at work and I was totally “OMG YES” when I started listening. Not only it is humorous but most of the more important boating industry stories/events are talked about.

I listened to past episodes that included call-ins from professionals at IBEX or other boat shows, talk about Tampa Bay’s Gasparilla, and talk like a Pirate day. I found myself laughing so hard and saying YES I AGREE WITH YOU or OMG I CANNOT BELIEVE YOU JUST SAID THAT (even though they couldn’t hear me)…. so that’s when I decided I needed to contact these guys.

Yes, I did a little stalking reading to learn more about them that’s not said on the radio. I sent a long message on Facebook, they mentioned me on the show a week later and read most of my message. I was extremely nervous so it took a lot of guts for me to get it together and leave a message for them, but I did, and they played it on the show.

They laughed about the mention of my sidekick, Eisenhower The Crab, and then even tried to give away a date with him and I…individually. That was pretty hilarious by the way. I loved it and even sent an email stating what Eisenhower’s dating ad would look like.

A week or so after that, they asked if I could join the show that Saturday, January 30th, and I said yes. That was the introduction of me, Boat Show Girl, and I knew from that moment that things will never, ever be the same because I finally have a full introduction to my niche in the industry, I am writing down dreams and goals, all the while fulfilling them. Knowing that is a dream come true in itself.

So here’s to the guys of World of Boating for asking me to join their crew – thank you, thank you, thank you and I’m looking forward to many more call-ins.