Sir Eisenhower “Houdini” Crabapple!

Christmas circa 2015

When were you adopted? 
Sometime within the 2nd week of August 2015. I was a late birthday present to my mom. She opted to hold an alligator instead of adopting me. She had to think about adopting me. What kinda crap is that? An alligator that might take a bite out of a body part, instead of a cute hermit crab that just pinches?!

Where did your name come from?
Apparently my mom pre-picked out my name before she ever adopted me. She wanted the first name to be very distinguished for a crab. I later earned my middle name “Houdini” when I climbed up a palm tree, out of my carrying case and was running down her desk before she caught me. She also already had my last name picked out too – ‘Crabapple’ so original, eh? The Sir part she adds in there because she thinks I’ll actually listen to her more.

Are you famous? 
Semi, but not a rock star yet. Right before my mom became a regular on the World of Boating radio show about a year ago, she mentioned me, and I was mentioned a few times on there.

When do you think you’ll be famous? 
When mom gets her act together and writes the series of books where I’m a superhero or something like that. She’s got ideas, she told me, but I’ve seen her “to do” list. 

Do you have a job? 
I did have a job as a mascot where she worked, then my mom had to go and do what she did. I need a new job. SOMEONE FIND ME A JOB, I’m tired of staring at her face and listening to Jimmy Buffett and opera.

What are a few of your favorite things? 
The Tom Jones & Caribbean jazz / reggae vinyl records my mom has, Spongebob, my ship that I sleep under/on, shrimp/steak, running from my mom when she annoys me.

Do you have a best friend? 
My animal best friend is Sinbad – a real parrot – that lives/works at a shop in John’s Pass. My mom used to work there and she’d take me to see him often, now we don’t get around to it and I haven’t seen him in about 6 months or so…although my mom has come home smelling like a parrot once or twice so I suspect she’s been to see him and hasn’t told me. 

Are you a traveling crab?
You can say that, the first few days after I was adopted, I would go to work with mom then after that it went down to at least once or twice a week. I’ve been to Bamboo Beach Bar & Grill at John’s Pass to listen to Brian/Fritz play music. I’ve been to the beach (pics below). I’ve watched 2 plays: I’ve been backstage during a performance of Parfumerie and also watching Modigliani from the bar. I haven’t traveled long trips yet because every time mom goes on a long trip, I’m always molting the same time.

How many times have you molted? 
Three so far.

Have you switched shells? 
I did once and mom caught me. She even took a picture and has proof. So, if I do change shells, it’s when I don’t hear her movement. I guess none of you will ever know.

Do you have any funny stories to share? 
The first vacation my mom took in November (a few months after adopting me) she left me with the guys at her work. I molted right away, which meant that I didn’t move or come out of my shell for days. The guys went crazy. They picked me up, my exoskeleton came right out, and they thought they killed me. They panicked – wondering whether to replace me and if she’d notice, what kind of story to tell mom when she got back, and so on. They googled about crabs and found out we molt and do this. Finally, they looked at me again and I was pink like a newborn curled up in the bottom of my shell. They put me back down, and at least they had a funny story to tell when mom got back home. Mom’s left a few times after that and they have never allowed me to be left there again.

What’s your home like? 
Lots of Pirate-based things. My mom’s a Pirate, I guess that’s what she calls herself. I love my ship more than anything, have plenty of shells to change into, food dishes, and the like. She cleans my home often and changes stuff around. Right now I don’t have Spongebob nor his Pineapple to sleep in, but I do have this purple hut that I like running to the back of to get away from her when she annoys me.

This was from one of my mom’s celebrations at work. I think we had steak.

I went to the beach and a saw a sunset for the very first time. 2016-2017.

I fell asleep on top of my ship. The Spongebob tin is my extra storage.
I don’t have to pay additional rent, luckily; it comes with the place.


Send mom a message and she’ll post an update on here!