Work services I can provide.


HOURS – telecommunicating, part time, on-going or by project basis 
If you’re requesting I work in house: avail hours 7am to 5pm
If I do work from home I work on it at any time I am available.
Deadlines are more than welcome.

We will work it out. Whatever is fair for both of us. Also: cash, check or PayPal.

Gulfport, St Pete, Largo, Seminole, Clearwater > more towards St Pete than not

Before I start working for you, there needs to be a contract written up (I can do this) and it will be adjusted accordingly to how things change or how we work.

I have experience in helping start a business, and I would love another opportunity to help do it again. See below for what you might need and contact me to work something out! 

If you need help with sales or figuring out what to do in order to revamp your website, I can come up with a plan on what I think needs to be done and we can go from there. This includes online marketing, social media and out of the box ideas of how to increase views/sales per the web or even off the web.

Hire me to help prepare for your boat show (marketing wise) or even work it! I am also up for grabs to write on blogs, and so on. (Check my website for more info.)

Hire me to help preach your brand! If I truly love a brand, I will do just that, and I can help market it to the world!

I have been working on the computer for a rather long time. I can work on both Windows and Mac computers including all of the Microsoft programs (like word, excel), the Mac version of them, as well as the freebie OpenOffice. I can type fast so I can help type up any data that you may need to be entered.

I can design logos, biz cards, posters, pamphlets, online ads, images for email blasts and so on. I can also do photography so fixing photos (to a certain point) is something I can do as well. You can check out some of my graphics here. For these sort of projects, it’s better to set a deadline.

Need help with your online marketing plan? I can help! Let me see your website and learn about your business and we can come up with a plan to help your marketing online.

Do you need help going through some papers, how about filing? I can organize and put papers away pretty fast. I can also do any other light admin work as needed. I’ve worked 4+ years being an admin, so I do have professional experience in what needs to be done.

I have sold 4 years professionally (and on my own) on eBay as well as here and there on etsy. I can help you out there! I can photograph your images, type them up and submit them. (Note: I’ve never sold on Amazon.)

I have been working with the main social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WordPress) for a really long time. I don’t use very much of the other social media sites, but I do know how to use them / set them up from previous use.

Need help with WordPress? I’ve been working with WP for many years. I used to do the backend but I don’t any more, I can log in from the WP-ADMIN side and change anything that you may need changed.

Feel free to contact me if you think I might be a good fit for a project you have, even if you don’t see it on my list. I am willing to try new things.

Some paid work I’d like to break into: 

  • Since I volunteer backstage in the theatre, paid backstage work or on-set work would be great one of these days.
  • More writing projects.
  • A chance to break back into buying/selling.
  • Education avocation in the marine industry.
  • Educating people about the Holocaust.
  • Boat show work (like helping work a booth).
  • Being comfy enough to act as a media reporter (for certain things).
  • Acting (eventually).
  • Gain work with: music (jazz, maybe?), real estate, and other interesting industries.