After a long pause from doing this in school, I started sketching & watercoloring again in 2015. Please note that I am not claiming to be Michelangelo or Dali, my sketches or watercolor paintings are produced very, very quickly due to having carpel tunnel. It is necessary that I need to keep practicing a little every day because if it came down to having to make a more serious sketch or painting that will take a while, my hand would not fall off. 🙂 

“ET Promise” – Early 2000s


“Delivery!” – Early 2000s 


“Stabby Nose” – 2010ish 


“Oscars” – 2010ish


“Stabby Brain” – 2010ish


“Happy Soul” – July 2016
“Reminders of yesterday / brings the happy back to my soul
and life reads a lot like poetry!
Last song ~ it would be amazing to have an ‘every night good night'”

“Love Connection” – Nov 2016
(There are watercolor paintings to match this.)

“A Skull’s Crossroads” – May 2017