St Pete Boat Show 2017

Howdy everyone!

If there’s anything that I know, I know for a fact I am so glad that I waited for my first boat show set up to be with my TBYM guys. Yes, you read right. After all the boat shows I’ve gone to and the years I’ve been in this industry, I have never ever set up nor helped with tear down (which I’ll get to experience that part on Sunday).

Wednesday after our normal work day, we went over and started setting up. Tables, chairs, brochures, biz cards, cooler full of drinks, our credidentials, etc. Since we had two locations (outside&inside), we’d go back and fourth. This is our GMS boat where we demo the Seakeeper product.

Set up is literally just like when in my theatre world  we have to tear down the set at our rehearsal spot and put it back up at our normal theatre space. It’s exactly that. So, of course, I enjoy that enough that I’m ready for more!

THURSDAY–which is normally burrito day at Tijuana Flats (haha)–was the first day at the show. I was so happy (and still that way, although a little more tired).

I walked around so many times trying to get leads for them, photos spread among 3 sources, and anything that’d spark my interest for BSG.

We are giving away a Yeti cooler and so is our neighboring booth and a few others. I should do some sort of article on popular items to give away. The only one will be a cooler… that’s how… COOL it is. Yeah.

Thursday was an interesting day. Friday just sparked the flame. I’ve officially talked to more people than I’ve ever talked to (well, actually, that’s kinda a lie) but I feel so… established and purposeful the last two days. So thank you my guys at TBYM for helping me gain traction once again, and for putting me back on the path of passion for this industry and boat shows. (Thank goodness I am working with a group of guys who enjoy the shows! It helps.)

I was so happy to see older family – IMG – who are the dealers for this beautiful Formula boat that you see there.

For a while I lost my touch (and passion) but I’ve got it back. Guess how? Because I start taking pictures of the names of the boat. If you’re going to be a hobo, just be the best kind. A salty one.

I found Jimmy Buffett. There isn’t anything better than finding Jimmy at a boat show. Ahhh. I just love that man and his lyrics. (Have any of you bought his latest cd?)

I found this gem. A crab tattoo. Amazing. Yeah, I’m pretty much 5 but I don’t really care what you say about me. This (and looking at crab jewelry) only made me miss Eisenhower so very much, so here’s his photo when he saw I was home for more than five seconds yesterday.

I’m really in love with that boat mostly because of its colors…and how royal purple it is. But seriously, I want to learn all about this boat on Sunday.

I have to mention – please go friend my friends at Great Lakes Boating Mag (especially their Instagram) because they are featuring my photos and probably some video come Sunday. I’m super excited to be working with them as their source from my land to theirs.

It’s been a long, weird and what I call a successful day… I must post this before I crash (I’m already there, I hope this blog entry makes sense) and have to wake up super early for theatre duties. I will have the rest of the boat show dirt on Sunday or Monday.

See some of my goods?!

That’s it for now! – KM the BSG

Boat Show Girl’s first podcast

bsg podcast cover

In this first episode, I just kind of introduce myself, talk about the Bradenton boat show from yesterday (see previous entry for that), the future of BSG, boat shows I want to attend in the future and how I’m looking for all opportunities.


A little glimpse inside my personal world – Fort Lauderdale Boat Show & Key West 2015.

I don’t want to always be serious on this blog because I want to share my experiences as I’m working AND living in this salt lifestyle. So….I’ve been thinking about Key West an awful lot lately. This happens certain times of the year, just like “Jimmy Buffett season” hits me hard at certain times, too.

Last year in November I took about 10 days for a vacation — Fort Lauderdale for the boat show, down to Key West, back home for 2 days then to see my parents in Kentucky. I will be sharing some of my favorite photos from the boat show and boat related in Key West.

For some reason I always get shots like this and they end up my favorite. Every. Single. Time.


Very boat.


This was just super duper gorgeous in person.


I am mad for the 7 engines! Power! Not just my favorite number either ;)!


Very, very slick look inside:


I am also mad for the Ulysses Nardin / Midnight Express boat. I have to snap a photo every time I see it.


This had to of been my favorite display… mostly because of the crab pillow. I was missing my Eisenhower so very much at that point.


I also loved/favored this Everglades boat too. Super nice looking for fishing… awesome color too. Everglades always end up being my favorite boat at the smaller shows.


Fort Lauderdale was extremely hot for a November day, so I was lucky that I had a “home away from home.” My company’s Monterey rep allowed me to come in their a/c tent room and I stayed in there reading and working on my book. I’ve seen that same rep several times and he keeps asking if I’ve finished my book. Well, the answer is no, but one day soon. I hope. 


After Lauderdale, I left for the Keys. A1A was the most beautiful drive I have ever driven. I love that highway. There is something about A1A that made my heart extremely soulful and being surrounded by water made me want to sing all the Jimmy tunes in the world! I was smiling from ear to ear, that’s for sure.

Any trip that I take I play this game of “find the Pirate” and guess what?


I found the Pirate… inside of the coin shop there.

The next day I went to the famous graveyard. Something else about me, I absolutely love looking at what is said on the tombstones. I imagine what the person is like and sometimes I also write poetry about that too.


This one has a boat on it, and starts out “Like the waves and time…”

There is something so poetic about the water, and the talk about “time” while on the water; it’s like a song that never ends no matter the silence or sound.

I went other places exploring KW. I came up on the memorial down by one of the waterfronts.


And found my most favorite poem in the entire world. This is exactly how I have lived my life and will continue to live my life.

I left there and went to Mallory Square area to the aquarium to visit my sea friends.


He reminds me of some of the fish characters off Spongebob, haha. Of course, I got to see some alligators, seahorses, stingrays, happy lobsters and other creatures.

I hung around Mallory Square for the sunset. This was also such a soulful experience. Nothing in the world mattered besides the happiness bursting out of my heart that I was standing there witnessing one of the best “gifts” in the world.




Not intentionally but I went and got… fish… after looking around a while. It was super delicious! The place right next door to the Green Parrot.


Then, I went for a super late night drink at Captain Tonys. I felt his spirit, and Jimmy’s too, but mostly his. I was reaching to the sky for a verse of Last Mango in Paris. I felt the Woman Goin’ Crazy on Caroline Street was near, as well. I looked up to Captain Tony for advice, and it seems his words of ‘be your own Captain’ was right. I am steering my own ship and I get to pick the direction.


I had so much fun between the Lauderdale show and Key West. There’s nothing better than Boats & Keys… keep a look out in the future because that is the title of the book I’m working on, which will be finished some time this year.

How the boat shows led me to becoming Boat Show Girl.

Now that I have (finally) attended all of the Show Management boat shows, I can say that every single one that I have been to since 4 years ago have all been different in their own way. And, that’s not the only thing that is different–my experiences have been too–and you wouldn’t expect that when a good portion of exhibiters are repeats in some of them especially when I’ve been to a couple of shows multiple times.

Four years ago when I started traveling around to the shows, it was mostly local and it was just an event in my industry for me to take photos, blog, learn of new boats/products and collect the boat literature so that I could write poetry. Then, I started going to the larger shows out of town. But in the last year, things have changed because of my career goals, and I started BoatShowGirl to become a standing professional in the marine industry.

From my previous work background, I usually tend to look at the pretty side of the boats, even though I currently work at a service center and know what it’s like on that end. With boats I tend to look for design, style and fonts of boat names/brands that really catch my eye. For products, if there’s something new and amazing I will sing praises about it, I will also do the same for accessory vendors because I’m big on supporting retailers. Oh, and I also choose my favorite “boat literature” look as well.

As Boat Show Girl I am realizing that the most important professional review that I can give is the overall look and feel of the show, including anything unique to the individual shows, new products and new boats. I also have my own review of how the show turned out for me personally. Those comments mixed together makes a review that would be from Boat Show Girl. I have to remember that I do not have an assigned area, I am assigned to the entire show.

From day one, boat shows have become my savior from stress. Let’s talk about the latest show at Palm Beach for instance. I had been so caught up in the day to day that my mind was been completely clogged, but as soon as I went to the show, my body/mind/soul just cleared out. Now that I’m home I feel like a different person, have a clearer mind for what I need to do, and ready to get to the next step.

The way I feel leading up to going to the boat shows, while there, and the feeling that I come home with–I really do belong at boat shows. I know I have a little ways to go before I perfect my intentions on going there but all of this is a learning experience. The people (new friends), boat brands, products, and industry companies that I have found because of the show have been amazing. The journey going from just an attendee to exhibiter to having my own badge with BSG on it has been the most unbelievable… and it’s all happening pretty quickly.

I am so ready to get started on my next goal for Boat Show Girl and cannot wait until the next show which is Suncoast! See you there!

Palm Beach Boat Show 2016

This was the first time that I went to the Palm Beach show. I arrived by shuttle from the hotel, got dropped off at the location and waited until the media tent opened up to get my name tag. Then I walked down two blocks to Starbucks because I needed a quick pick-me-up.

To me, it didn’t look like there was much parking. I saw a lot and some people parking among the street but other than that, I didn’t see much.

So the last couple of boat shows I have walked away with something special and this time, it was this…


I am officially official all by myself. Yes, it is a huge deal for me. Yes, it made my day. 🙂

Moving on – overall the entirety of the boat show – it was extremely huge from one side to another full of yachts down to normal sized fishing boats. They had two open tents with accessories / parts then one large air conditioned tent with more accessories / parts. It was definitely different than Miami and Ft Lauderdale which I’ve been to twice each now.

The only display that really caught my eye this time around was this…


I am really curious as to why the boat was like that.

I have to give a shout out to BoatShowHotels, of whom I’ve been admiring since the early days of my love for boat shows.


My favorite new accessories / fun booth goes to…


I got a “K” signal charm. The ladies behind the booth was super nice to me, and I think their product is very cool because I honestly haven’t seen any more booths like this while at the other shows.

Next up – I got some really cool boat literature from this booth and I can’t wait until I start reading them:


The coolest “random thing” was this….


You definitely don’t see that every where and never have I ever seen that at previous shows. I also saw a shark and it was a representation for a boat company that was giving out magnets in the a/c building.

This boat below was probably my new favorite boat, one I haven’t seen before, and I adore the font on the windows. There were a few of them like that but I really liked that one.


The next two photos are my favorites that I took.



Around 2-3, when I was on the radio with World of Boating, the storm was getting ready to happen. It was just a matter of time.


And, the final photo of the night of everything that I brought back from the show. I’m not nearly as bad as I used to be, but then again, I do visit a ton of shows so I don’t need to pick up the same things I see elsewhere.


Overall, besides the rain coming in and ruining it for me, it was a good time. It was also really cool being live at the boat show while live on air with World of Boating. Speaking of which, I got to meet one of the guys that calls in to WoB. It was an awesome meet!