Karen Maeby takes a vacation detour through the south prior to the Miami Boat Show.

The weekend before vacation. 

Since I started taunting the dudes about my vacation starting early on Friday, one of them found this voice translator and they’d type “Shut up, Karen” in response to my ‘only a few more hours until vacay!’. It was sooooo entertaining and it ended up being one of the best days. Sunday was the last of Modigliani and, as we put props away, I had all of the feels from the ending just like Summer One Acts.

Vacation started Monday, February 13th.

Monday was nothing to write home about. I had every intention on going to Matlacha but it ended up being a bust because I left home too late, and with it being a true beach town during busy season, it was nearly impossible finding a place to park. I drove through the town, seeing what I could see, turned around and left.

I decided to head on to Fort Myers Beach where they were doing construction in the middle of the heat of the traffic, so I drove around, and then went to check-in where I was staying.

One of my long time fears is having roommates or staying with strangers (and having to share common areas), so I overcame that by staying at an Airbnb place. They were a nice couple that had things in common with me, and a few cats so it was cool staying with animals. Bed was super comfy, in a purple room (which reminded me of my room back at my parents) and lots of TV channels which I took seriously since I don’t have cable!

Happy Valentine’s Day 


I went to bed watching Golden Girls and woke up to I Love Lucy, so it was already a great start to the day. A little before 11am, I left for Bealls in Fort Myers to go see Leoma Lovegrove. I barely made it to the entrance when I saw her car, walked in and saw all of her stuff right in front of the doors. No joke—there were {what seemed like hundreds} of people there! I purchased a ton of her things: 3 shirts, 1 jacket sweater, 2 fish purse things, and a scarf. There was a guy behind me that walked up to the cashier pretending to my grandpa, so I’d get a discount. That was hilarious.


Leoma came out, painted, and then people lined up for autographs. It was an amazing random experience, and I say random because I didn’t know about her for more than a week before I left on my vacation….and now, I am a huge fan!


A little bit in the afternoon, I left for downtown Fort Myers. I walked around in the Repertory Theatre shops that I saw when I was there last year for the Fort Myers Boat Show. I went to one of the shops and talked to one of the ladies that I remembered from the visit.

By that time, I walked up the guts to go into the tattoo shop that I passed in fear (I did extensive research on who had the best reviews)expecting to get another ear piercing (or tattoo, shhhh) but came out with my nose pierced.

I don’t think I’ve ever told anyone I really wanted a nose ring but I’ve wanted one for a long time, and I’m glad I did it. I was fearful for the pain I was anticipating, but it was so quick it didn’t really hurt at all. However, I did pass out for a second—I lost color in my face, had to drink several tiny cups of water, had a wet towel on my head, and then, a few minutes later I was fine. (I do this after an initial shock of something like this, so I warned the lady.) 

 Me wearing Leoma’s “Mozart” parrot shirt.

Afterwards, I walked back down town looking at some more shops, then to Ford’s Garage and had some food. This is where I found an amazing beer, banana bread beer. Yum!



 this is a really pretty ring I found but didn’t purchase.


Then, it was time. I saw the play To Kill a Mockingbird. Between reading the book when I was in school and watching the movie, I had forgotten some of the details, so I had so many feelings going through my soul at the very end.


Older Scout was the narrator telling the story, and when it was time for the actors to act it out—she would stand there and just watch her past unraveling. Everything about TKaM from the acting to the scene design—all of it was amazingly done. Seeing this as a play and seeing a play in the Rep Theatre were both dreams of mine that I was able to check off my list.

It was one of the best (if not THE best) Valentine’s I’ve ever had.

Wednesday, February 15th

From Monday’s traffic to Tuesday’s busy day, I was just so exhausted that I didn’t do anything that day but watch Lifetime movies, relax and pack up.

Thursday, February 16th

I get out of my Airbnb at a reasonable time, and hit the lovely Miami traffic, all the way to Marlin’s Park where I rode a bus to the main boat show site. I realized my badge was at the YMB, so I went there, spent very little time at that location, and headed back only to find out I needed to purchase a ticket for the main location. So I pretty much lost a day between all of the bus riding.

I was hangry at that point, so I went through downtown—and major traffic shock—I ended up just finding a Publix with a NORMAL parking lot and I got some food. Headed to my 2nd Airbnb place to check in and stayed put for the rest of the evening.

 This was on the wall in the room.

That Airbnb room was simple yet elegant. The bed was so cozy it hugged me. The house was super quiet with not really a lot of things in it except for the power of positive and happy music vibes (the owners are musicians, of which, I did not get to meet). They had a small bookshelf of books in their kitchen and I sat down to read a few of them. One of the books was a poetry book O Miami, here are a few favorites out of there:

 “I wish I’d even seen more Spanglish in the poems.”

Friday, February 17th

Just like Valentine’s day, this was an EPIC-ammmaazing Day. Got picked up by my Canadian friend Graham, went to Bayshore to ride the water taxi which ended up being a large yacht, had an amazing time looking around, met up with several people, and we ended the night having a banana daiquiri at Bayshore while listening to live music. You can read full details about my highlights from the boat show and see photos on boatshowgirl.com.

Saturday, February 18th

I leave Miami and head towards Naples where I bought a ticket to see AMADEUS!

I have been obsessed/in love with Mozart’s music ever since I was in 7th grade sooooo yeah, being able to see this play live—another dream come true. Amazingly well done. Simple set, all talent. Starts out with Salieri in a weird voice as an old man telling the story then he transforms back into a younger Salieri kind of looking back telling the story, then goes back and fourth. Mozart and Salieri were both spot-on with casting. I love the vulgarity of the play, and there were a lot of hilarious moments. I’m glad to have seen some of the funnier movie scenes in this play, as well.


I must mention: I sat next to some of the most annoying audience members ever. The lady next to me kept falling asleep and snoring then her and her dad would cough and cough—enough to make me want to find somewhere to take a shower real quick. During act 2 a lady in front of them got so pissed that she got up, yelled “IF YOU ARE SICK WHY IN THE HELL DID YOU COME HERE? YOU SHOULD BE IN THE HOSPITAL!!” and she stomped out one side and came in another to sit on the opposite side. Yes. The mom/dad/adult child sitting next to me had so many manners. *eye roll 

Headed further south after the show was over, and went to Cape Coral to see some jazz. Only stayed for about an hour, then I was back on the road again towards home. (I only have video of the jazz so I will eventually post those along with all photos on Facebook.) 

Sunday, February 19th

Overall, I checked off so many dreams of mine that I feel that I need to start a ‘dreams’ tab on my main website. I did a lot of soul-searching as well, and being near the water once again, well, that helped so much too since my soul’s connection is there. I am—after all—soulfully connected and my heart is anchored down like treasure in the bottom of the Sea.

So, of course, I am home and life resumes… I have so many important decisions to be making in the next few weeks and life-changing ones at that. I am refreshed and ready get focused once again.