Please note that I am adding my middle and high school volunteer experiences for the fact that a lot of what I did while volunteering is relevant to my work experience years later. 

Spring 2018

Just So Stories – GCP Junior Stars (March – Present) 
Stage Manager

GCP Writer’s Group 1st Performance (April 13) 
President, Producer/SM/etc., Program Designer, Marketing/Social Media, Writer

Winter 2018

Becky’s New Car – Gulfport Community Players (Jan-March)
Asst. Stage Manager

Little Nell & The Mortgage Foreclosure (Dec-March) 
Stage Manager

Committed – SAGES (Feb)
Fill in Stage Manager for 4 shows at Catherine Hickman

Peter Pan – GCP Junior Stars (Dec-Feb)
Stage Manager

GCP Writer’s Group (2 meets in Dec 2017, Every Sun starting Jan 2018) 
President / Founder / Writer / etc.

Fall 2017

Phantom Toll Booth – GCP Junior Stars 
Stage Manager

Summer 2017

Summer One Acts – Gulfport Community Players (1yr anniversary)
Assistant Stage Manager – props, table reads for voice overs / absentees, general work

Winter 2017

Modigliani – Gulfport Community Players 
Assistant Stage Manager

Parfumerie – Gulfport Community Players 
Assistant Stage Manager / Voice of Fritz

Fall 2016

Over the River and Through the Woods – Gulfport Community Players 
Assistant Stage Manager


Private Dicks (film society) 
Extra / IMDB credit

Summer 2016


Summer One Acts – Gulfport Community Players
Painted props, designed attendance chart via excel, helped with moving props, contributed ideas, announcer of curtain calls

Winter 2016 – CURRENT 

Voice on the World of Boating radio show – I’m known as Boat Show Girl

—————{ LARGE GAP }——————————–

Fall 2004 – Spring 2005 – while attending college

– Volunteered at my high school attendance office and helped with office duties.

(Middle thru high school years I completed 6 years of teacher aide experience, including my help being the day before school started and the day after it ended.) 

Senior Year 2003-2004


– Concert Choir
– Choir Publicity Chairman (Taking pictures & Website)
– Key Club
– Fine Arts Club

Teacher’s Aide: 

– Both Middle/High School: Helped teachers the day before school started…cleaning desks, taking books out of room & other stuff that needed to be completed.
1st 9 Weeks—Specific TA for Mrs. C & helped Ms. J as need be.
– Cleaned out 4 filing cabinets full of music and reorganized all of them in alphabetical order.
– Video taped fall concert at WM, created program and helped pass them out.
– TA specifically for Mrs. M–cleaned out and organized storage room, graded papers and ran errands.


Media: 1/2 computer editors of making the video announcements.

Fine Arts Club:

– Took part in the library clean-up (3 big rooms).
– Helped decorate for homecoming.

The Real Inspector Hound:

– Video taped 3 nights.
– Ticket master
– Made the program. (8 pages)
– Clean up crew.

Graphic Arts:

– Created choir Georgia video
– Helped with graduation program
– Created Mrs. M’s retirement video.

Junior Year 2002-2003 


*Concert Choir

– Helped with Freshmen Orientation
– File music for choir & complete little assignments
– Created posters for the ticket sale and was on set up & clean up crew for Mardi Gras/Jazz Night dinner.
– Helped sell tickets for drawing at Kroger’s for the Mardi Gras/Jazz Night dinner.

– In school musical–Bye-Bye Birdie–as a chorus girl.
– Made Bye-Bye Birdie T-shirts & helped clean up after school performance.


Sophomore Year 2001-2002 


*Beta Club
*Concert Choir

– Helped with freshmen orientation.

WJMS TA after high school classes 

– Helped with middle school open house.
– Helped with Mother Goose, Inc. auditions (all 3 days–WJM)

– Sorted music for the choir & filed it

Freshman Year 2000-2001


*Beta Club
*General Choir

– Aide for Mrs. J (WJMS) after school: Graded papers, bulletin board work, helped students, computer work, [at concerts–turned pages for pianist, helped set up & take things down, video taping, passing out programs, announcing songs]

– Helped middle school with “Slam the Door On Violence”– decorate & judge.