So what happens to Maeby’s cars after having them for 2 years?

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They die. That’s what.

Hello friends ~ 

I was thinking to myself earlier (& I guess I shouldn’t do that) about how it’s been about 2 years since owning my green 94 Mercedes, Sir Edward Hookmobile II. Well, I’m sure everyone remembers two years ago when the “original” Hookmobile (my 93 Florida-blue Mercedes) had to be put to rest, I made such a big deal out of it.

I cried. YesI did. And boy was I sad, and was a little more sad^3. It was said to me, “It. Is. Just. A. Car.” Fineeeeee–it wasbut … THAT WAS THE FIRST CAR I DROVE IN FLORIDA WITH THE WINDOWS ROLLED DOWN JAMMING TO MR JIMMY BUFFETT AND I THOUGHT I WAS SUCH HOT STUFF THEN. OKAY?! 

Then, I was even MORE hot stuff with my NEWER Mercedes… that had tinted windows, body lowered like gangsta style and CUPHOLDERS. Bahahahahahah. Maeby Baby was livin’ life until today. When I cursed the day by thinking ithasbeentwoyearssinceiownededward.


I’m pretty sure I blew up my transmission. Like. A. Boss.

Anyhow, car pretty much locked up and I circled back around the streets and prayed to the car that I would at least make it to the car dealerships lot and I did.

I am a little sad, but I don’t have time this time to be sad. I will miss the tinted windows, the bluetooth sound system (which I’m sure can be added in) and possibly having some storage space in the car. But bah, it was probably time to move on, anyhow. I will miss being gangsta though. Playing the loud rap music and getting people to stare. Soooo fun! ^_~

This is the new car:


It’s a Saturn Sky. And, it’s actually from the 2000s–I will probably miss the 90s, though.

It’s about an inch off the ground — not sure how this very short girl ends up with a short car. It is a convertible, so I will excuse the fact it doesn’t have a sunroof (haha).

It will definitely take some getting used to, that’s for sure.

Unfortunately, I am so against payments for vehicles but it’s the only way I could’ve gotten a new one and I cannot rely on someone to take me to two work places or go all the places I go. However, everything happens for a reason…

The dealership that I went to is Bay Pines Auto Mart right around the corner from Thunder and they happened to know a lot of them from there, so that made me even more comfortable. EVERYONE who works there are amazingly nice and patient and informative on whatever I needed. They worked with me, even though I was having a tough time with decisions and nervous about this sudden exchange. The deal they worked with me ended more in my favor.

And, oh hey, I don’t have to go to the DMV.

Kiss. Kiss.

– Always, M

PS – I need a PIRATE name for my new car. Any ideas?


The great blog absence.

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Frrrrrriends! Oooohhhh how I’ve missed you sooooo!

I say “great” like ‘the great era of something or another’ but I guess in reality great isn’t the proper word. The absence hasn’t been so great either. Maybe?

I have a ton of photos as proof that I have been alive and still having adventures, but not so many. The last adventure I wrote about was the local car show towards the end of February.

I now have two jobs. I still work the same hours at Thunder (and will possibly get more as the season gets busier). The new job is at a shop at Sinbad’s in John’s Pass. I work Sunday, Monday and Tuesday nights. I am trying to adjust to 13-ish hour day of both jobs on Monday and Tuesday. I only have one day off now where I am definitely struggling about how to spend it.

I’ve had a few people to ask why I haven’t written or updated anything, and that’s why. The other reason…

In some of my free time I was devoting every moment to reading. Instead of having a paper journal for my day thoughts, I started a journal re: thoughts as I read books. So every chapter or so, I stop and write. This gives me a chance to not lose what I read but also to have something to write about later on. Reading does give inspiration and you learn things that way too.

Books I had read: The Anatomy of Motive (crime), The Best of Fact (true essays), The Official MBA Handbook (business).

I am currently reading Sidewalk (sociology / society) and then a few poetry books. I really need to write my reviews of these books someday.

Cat is still doing good. I made the final transition to moving all of her stuff to the front of the house and she is doing well being there. I leave a blanket outside for her, as well as she sits on my two tables, all of her food and she’s got a nice covered porch to lay on. My neighbor feeds her when I am not able to due to working late.

There’s a parrot at Sinbads who has come to terms with doing nothing but taunting me. True story from last week: I asked him to talk to me and he said (almost) nothing until I shut the door for the last time for closing and then he starts out “hello” getting louder and louder. I said, “Sinbad! I know you must be doing this on purpose. You don’t speak all day until NOW.” You can tell he was grinning in his “POLLYWANNACRACKER” voice. It was too funny. He’s said “HAHA” to me and when I told him he was mean, he was like, “I KNOW I KNOWWW.”

In my absence, I have attended about two different boat shows – one at the Trop back in March and then the just-recent Suncoast Show in Sarasota. Both were really good. Love, love, love going and seeing my IMG family when Thunder isn’t at the show.

Last weekend (like most Saturday nights lately) I went to the Captain’s Lounge at Blind Pass then went to Ka’Tiki’s bar on Sunset Beach to watch Bill, Will and Larry play pool. That was cool, I saw my first live game. The bouncer also wanted to know my age because I looked far too young to be in there. Haha, YES! I still have it. The young looks, I mean. 😉

I almost regret not keeping a journal of important happenings along the way. Maybe I should, especially when I take a long break like this. I haven’t been on Twitter much, I took a month off of Instagram (but still took pictures on my phone) and then Facebook has been hit or miss.

One of our techs left a fish on my desk last week, and my boss was pretty freaked out about seeing it. He was like, “I don’t like that thing looking at me!” hahaha so I named him Fred and covered him up with a paper towel. He’s in my freezer. I guess by this point I should throw him out. This is the second fish I was gifted.

I got to design a cruise club event graphic for an email. That was cool because my boss-boss told me there were some compliments that came out of it. I haven’t designed anything since.

I haven’t written anything (poetry) other than summaries of books I’ve read. I guess I have entered the stage of ‘my brain is too tired to be creative’ and so there’s that creative block.

My mind is often “here” today–focusing on ‘the now’–but also trying to decipher what’s going to help for my future. I miss traveling, but I need a new car to do that, so that I don’t get stuck somewhere with no one to help me. I need to pay off some more of my credit cards so that I am not stuck in debt forever, but so I can spend my money elsewhere. I am feeling an itch to move again but I definitely cannot especially now that I have Cat. Her home is here and it would make me so sad to leave, or heartbreaking to her to uproot her from where she’s been used to.

Some things that I am really looking forward to is my one year at Thunder at the end of May. I am so so so so sooooooo counting down the days! It is UNREAL how fast “one year” has flown by! It seemed like yesterday I was still waiting to hear back from them. Despite the crap I’ve dealt with, they’ve been the best support and best of everything this entire year. Thunder makes me so very happy.

I am also thinking about throwing a week’s worth of a countdown “party” for my 29th birthday aka the pre-30th birthday celebration in August. It will be starting on 7/24 when we lost Joe. I really want to have some kind of sunset celebration and sending off balloons or something. Not quite sure yet, but I really want to do that.

This summer is going to be jam packed with working every day for the most part and then I am thinking something big around Fort Lauderdale boat show time (November). Maybe a weekend getaway for myself or something. We’ll see, but that’s what I’d like to do.

Anyway, if you’ve made it this far, congratulations! I promise I will start posting on a regular basis… now that I am semi-caught up!

-Always, M 


The Best of Fact part II (psychological minds)

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“The Man Who Stood Up”

Surprise, surprise. People who protest at the wrong places at the wrong time are going to end up getting hurt by authority figures. What causes most of the issues? A clash of religion, race or political party.

In this case, one person who was at a presidential party at the white house in the 1960s caused a scene by protesting during the speech, what would you expect would happen to him? He was beaten and arrested.

Doesn’t this sound familiar with some events around the US?

Yes, freedom of speech, but… that statement goes a long way.

In that same chapter, I found this quote to be interesting:

“It is true that a person estranged or separated from his parents often develop in unusual ways., because he has no firm model to pattern himself after, and must develop an identity of his own, on his own.”

“Seduction of the Guilty: Homosexuality in American Prisons”

I had a thought while reading this chapter. Even though there are one thousand ways by the psyche that one can identify with being a male or female, what if homosexuality began in prison?

“Needed: Medicare for the Chronically ill”

A direct quote from that chapter “Health insurance is no help” geeeee whiz. Doesn’t that sound like today?

So, if the 1960s endured this same pain, why in the hell aren’t things fixed nearly fifty years later?

“Rockefeller’s Millions: The Poor People of New York” Also another WHY… WHY are we still having insane poverty and welfare issues????

There’s this saying that ‘some things never change’ and that must be all kinds of true. There are questions that I have written down (see above) that cannot be answered in one sitting, let alone a blog entry that includes a lot of other comments.

Once I finish this book and see what else is said, I am going to further my research on these questions.


The Best of Fact part I (life thoughts)

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Last night I started reading this book called The Best of Fact: Thirty-two articles that have made history from America’s most courageous magazine. This book was published in 1967.

After reading a few pages, I decided it was time to keep a book diary and write down thoughts when I come upon something interesting. And so, I came upon a lot of interesting things. Here are my thoughts divided by the chapters in the book:

“The Man Who Thinks Goldwater is a Communist” the writer is interviewing George Lincoln Rockwell who, in my opinion, is a psycho Nazi lover.

A question is asked to George. “What is the purpose of Life?” And George replied: To struggle as hard as you can for what you believe in…and to enjoy the struggle.

Boy, isn’t that the truth?

If we weren’t struggling, there would not be a life to be lived. If we didn’t have to work towards something every day to gain what we want in life, we would all be slugs… slowly moving along. And in the end, the greater income would be those who’d struggled and fought for something and obtained that goal, instead of it being handed to them on a silver platter.

“A Psychiatric View of the Cold War” – Why has it been that everyone is waiting for the end of the world? No wonder people are so messed up from generation to generation. They get that vibe in their soul and pass it down to the bones.

Negative thoughts such as “the end” results in having zero goals (why should you?) and then no goals equals failures and all of that is like a food chain for severe poverty. Once you hit poverty, you are no longer leading that life that you should be. That you were destined to work towards. Your own personal American Dream, and I am not talking about the one that apparently everyone wants that is pushed from generation to generation. I am talking about finding your fork in the road and taking that.

Reading half way through this book (already)  has made me reconfirm that my suspicions were right… it has always been bad, or getting worse. Always. Regardless if it were in the early centuries, the 1700s, 1900s or now. The only reason it seems to be worse is because we are constantly on one channel: media.


Gulfport Car Show, a weekend out on the gulf and blog catch up…

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Hey Readers –

Soooooo. I am far behind in sharing all of my adventures. I am dropping photos from two weeks back to the recent.

Here are photos from the 49th Street Tangerine Park Gulfport Car Show. This was the first time I’ve been to this show.

My favorite top cars. (No, there’s not any particular reason they’re both blue.)



This bug has no shape. o_O


One of the cars had this on the shifter. HOW COOL?!


Looks weird. Like an ambulance, but really… old mail carrier.


The back of this car looked like a hurst.




Later after the show, we went to Gators and hung out. Had fish spread and drinks. It was neat seeing the other side of John’s Pass for a change.



Then the next day, it was actually warm, so we went out on the boat with some friends. From Blind Pass Marina to John’s Pass then to Pass-a-grille and back to BPM.


This is the newest Pirate shirt:


The week before last Wednesday we went to Gators (again) and listened to Beach Bum Pirate. Here’s the sunset:



This was us outside Gators. Of course, he’s picking the Gator’s nose. What else would he do? lol. #inappropriate


And finally, my book is FINALLY out… after 4 months… It’s $2.99 (half off) right now.

tcim and ilwas2

I would really appreciate it if you support me by buying my book and/or telling people about it.

Thanks &

-Always, M 


4th of July Shenanigans

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Dearest o’all Babes, 

I hope all of you had a very happy and safe holiday yesterday!

At work, everyone kept asking me what I was going to do and had no idea until it was almost time for fireworks. My guilty pleasure for the day? I caught up on sleep times one zillion billion trillion (which was a shame, almost, because I had so much to do) but alas…

I ended up in Seminole at my previous boss’s house where I got a chance to see all of my old co-workers again. It was a nice turnout and, of course, from the top deck you can see fireworks from every single angle. So it was pretty cool!

We had the American tradition of hamburgers and sides. And yes, I had a beer. I do not ever lose my chance at having a beer these days.. ha.

With me being 90% vegetarian, I am all non-veggie-ed out. Seriously. I’m tired of the 10% cheating and I’m ready to eat light again. I’m less than 20lbs away from my weight goal. So happy!

-Always, M 


The Nauti Poet ~ about my brand / written for my book

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It has taken a lot of thinking and changes of names to get to The Nauti Poet. I guess the third time really is the charm.

For those who have followed me since the very beginning and for those who have not, my blog and brand identity started off in 2010 as “Life as a Pirate Hooker”.

That blog identity happened by accident. It kind of evolved from some wonderful fun late-night conversations in the Bedclothes era a few years back. I coloured my hair red around that time, Bedclothes came about, I unofficially added Maeby to my name and I became a Queen and Pirate all at the same time.

So, the end result landed me a title of: “Queen Maeby the Red Headed Pirate Hooker” and boom, my blog name was developed. (Thank you Bedclothes friends!) :)

Unfortunately, even though people who truly knew me or got to know me past the name, my original identity was still a little racey and questionable. It was presented to me by a marketing person that from a financial standpoint, I should try to refine that. I knew he was right, because I didn’t just want a small portion to get to know me – I wanted everyone to give me a chance.

In addition, since I was becoming a professional and opening my own business, I knew I needed to come up with something more tame. So I came up with Queen Maeby in early 2014 and switched to that. It suited me as the bridge to get from one point to another. It worked for a while but it still didn’t feel like me.

Now, I am embracing The Nauti Poet because… a) it’s shortened for nautical and 99% of my poetry is nautical-based, b) my entire personal and half of my professional life is based on the nautical world so you’ll see a lot of that in photos/writing and c) I can still get by with tying a little of my first brand name in with this (nauti=naughty but in a hidden way).

I will confess that I had a really hard time switching from my original name because I was trying to make a statement. I felt like I was throwing my crown into the fire or throwing up my “I surrender” flag. I say this because I really wanted to stand by my name and not give into any judgement that I may come across.

This final change is in preparation for the rest of my future and becoming what I need to be. Once this book (The Captain in Me) is done, I’ll have publicity and I will not be able to easily change anything again. I’m also retiring from changing names so much. Life needs to become a lot more simplified!

In conclusion, once again I say: Just because my brand is changing, doesn’t mean I am. I am going to always be who I am. I strive to be the most elegant Pirate Hooker you’ll ever meet, even if I do use proper dirty English sometimes.

And, with the third time being the charm, I really truly think that I have officially found my brand once and for all.


It’s been a while…

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PIRATES, Beach Bums and Tiki Girls ~ 

It has been such a long time since I have really written an entry updating you about life. Things have been that busy.

Not in any particular order, here’s what has gone down thus far in June:

– I started working with Thunder Marine, my most favorite marine company in this area. I lovelovelove it there. Not only do I get to stare at boats all day but it’s such a positive work environment and the guys are so friendly.

– I’m finding myself saying that I could “stay awhile” in Gulfport. This is code for: Maeby has finally found her home, she thinks, at least until she packs her bags and runs away to Key West.

– I have had to hit pause on my self employment for this month because of getting used to working at Thunder, giving attention to BCB and then working on my book. (But I still have ongoing clients I’ve worked with prior to June and not accepting new ones until next month.)

– My book release date for THE CAPTAIN IN ME is Friday, October 3rd, 2014.

– I am working on a very, very, very large book release / marketing party for Friday, October 10th, 2014. It is going to be held at the GP Casino Ballroom. Please try to make plans to attend! I want EVERYONE there and it’s open to the public too!!

– For any of you who think I’m non-adventurous, I went skinny dipping last weekend. Yes. It’s true and it felt good. Just sayin’.

– I haven’t had full access to the Internet for two months now. (This meaning, full ‘net access for 24/7, I use a personal hot spot for important ‘must get online’ moments.) I have to admit: I don’t miss it. I kinda miss watching Netflix but it sucked up so much time. Just working and enjoying BEACH / outside life!!

I think that’s about it for now. Over the next few weeks, I HAVE TO buckle down and work on my book and the party plans. Every day I put forth some effort for ideas or work towards it, so it is getting done.. little by little.

I can’t wait to share more details! Until then ~

-Always, M 


What is in a boat name?

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Aloha Readers,

So I’m catching up on Florida Marine Time’s latest issue (vol 36 issue 33) and on page 4 there’s a small bit at the top of the page talking about its announcement of the annual list of top ten boat names.

“The BoatUS list of TOP TEN BOAT NAMES” 

  1. Serenity
  2. Second Wind
  3. Island Girl
  4. Freedom
  5. Pura-Vida
  6. Andiamo
  7. Island Time
  8. Irish Wake
  9. Happy Hours
  10. Seas the Day

Without saying much or going too deep into definition, you can see there’s such a pattern in the chosen names above: getting away, letting go, relaxation, peacefulness, a new beginning or start or chance, the feeling of feeling free…

Obviously, when someone names their boat, there has to be a great meaning behind it. Secondly, most likely, if they have a boat (besides having fun) they’re needing to get away / run away from something.

If YOU own a boat, what is your boat name??? Or, if you want to own a boat, do you have a name already picked out? Comment below, I’d like to know! :) 

Back in my middle school years, a friend of my family used to have a houseboat on Lake Cumberland. We’d go down there often in the summer months… “to get away” and we’d have so much fun. One of the most memorable names of a boat that I had seen (and taken pics of) was “Never Say Never Again”. And so, while writing on my first book (In Love With a Sailor), I came up with a poem about the boat.

-Always, M 

PS – Click–> For pics of the Tampa Bay Boat Show May 2014.


An amazing opportunity to see behind the scenes of SOUTHSyde the film.

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Friday evening I was given this amazing opportunity by my client HCFC to hang out and take photos of SOUTHSyde the film. I was told about this a couple weeks back and we decided it would be a good idea for me to take photos for the gym, especially since they were filming there, and it was an excellent marketing opportunity.

First of all, it’s been ages since I’ve been “on set” and to be able to watch a few movie scenes being filmed was amazing. That kind of fed my soul where it’s been lacking lately. Secondly, to once again be able to see “at the beginning” of something big… is pretty darn amazing.

When I got to HCFC, I just introduced myself to a few of them hanging out waiting to set up, then we moved into one of the rooms. They looked over the script, decided what the best shots would be, then ‘quiet on the set’ – and boom – they were shooting each scene.

All of the actors were incredibly nice to me and very inviting. I have a pretty good intuition about people and from what I saw out of them, their acting and what scenes I witnessed being filmed – I really, really, really hope that they go far and that this movie is a great success when it is done. The storyline seems very down to real life (just the way I like it) and very promising. Tonight I stalked their Facebook page looking at everything and it’s wonderful so far. I can’t wait to see more of it and more of each one of the actors.

I cannot wait until I see the movie myself. It’s just extremely cool to be able to say “hey! I know that scene – I was there! And hey.. I know that place as well. And… I met those actors!!” So very exciting!

You know, for a twenty-something year old… I’ve had some incredible opportunities and experiences for adventures and seeing and/or being a part of a lot of awesome beginnings. I am so thankful for the life I have now.

Photos that I took can be found HERE. You can also find out more about SOUTHSyde the filmHERE.

-Always, M

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